Mexico 2: 090129

Met up with Canuck amigos Scotty and Jose last night in Melaque after arriving on the autobus and wandering the streets with my guitar and a fifty pound backpack. Finally got my bearings and relaxed with a couple of cervezas with quesadillas y salsa at the beach. Scotty’s set was heavy on Neil Diamond stuff until he got the crowd into his pocket and then eased into some old rock. He’s a master at crowd control. Jose wanted conversation so we went to her fave taco stand by the square and I listened. She and Scotty gave me a ride to La Manzanilla and put me up for the night, and this morning Scotty and I fished in the surf. Then it was time for biz. Got myself a room and dropped into my own fave breakfast place for organic yogurt and muffin and good coffee. Dregs are cold as I savor sun and breeze and listen in on locals’ conversation.


One Response to “Mexico 2: 090129”

  1. wendi Says:

    I should be writing, but instead I’m reading…
    If I wasn’t so happy here right now, I’d want to be there. Maybe I’ll have to try it sometime.

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