This world is a little wooden platform, rather poorly built with rough-cut boards, where you stand with your feet in the special footprint markers and pull the lever in front of you, which connects to a series of pulleys and mechanisms that open a little trap door just behind you, out of which a two-by-four with an old shoe attached rises up and kicks you in your ass. And then you pull the lever again, and again, and again….


2 Responses to “platform”

  1. Tarra Blackwolf Sabin Says:

    Oh too true! Unless you find a way to escape, and make your own world, without any platforms or pulleys or levers… a world in which you can just BE…
    The only problem with that is that you usually end up being the only one in it.

  2. poppathomas Says:

    …so easy to imagine my own world, then step down into it and whatayaknow, there are the steps leading up to another damned platform

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