columbus day, columbus day

Columbus day, columbus day

(Jackson was the pres who
sold out the southeastern tribes,
setting up a lottery to “sell”
all that land for plantations.)

If only
the twenty dollar bill in my shoe
with jackson’s face to the ground
the twenty that I change out
for a new one whenever his
murderous face wears down a bit

If only
some denomination,
maybe a three dollar bill
or something else just as
phony could show

If only
columbus could be on a bill
or maybe on bathroom tissue
but there were no cameras
when he robbed, raped,
killed and enslaved so many
friendly indigenous people….

If only
our school books and teachers
would tell the real story about
cutting off hands of those who
couldn’t give enough gold, or
roasting people alive after
cutting their babies in two, or
spreading filth and disease, or
any of the other heinous sports
columbus and his crew enjoyed….

If only
Arawacks could have somehow
known, before they befriended
columbus and his merry men….

If only
those east-coast tribes had
known, before they befriended
boatloads of sick europeans….

If only
our ancestors had not been
caught unaware that folks
they kept from starving
would be so absolutely evil
would murder so many and
steal half the round world….

If only
we had jailed them,
every damn one of them
for trespassing
even though we had no jails….

If only
we had just let them die….

Then maybe
this would still be
a free country.

©2011 Thomas Hubbard


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