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Thanksgiving for the rest of us


Thanksgiving for the rest of us

Paint your face black today, cousins.
Black in mourning for a lost world,
for a culture wounded and bleeding,
for blackened wounds of ancestors
who tried to ward off invaders,
for the africans enslaved by rich americans,
for blackened rubble in the arab lands.

Paint rushmore black today, cousins.
Black for the huge lies those four politicians told.

Paint the day black, cousins.
Black because it closely follows the day invaders call “columbus day.”

Paint the damned turkey black, cousins.
Black for self-righteous words
words about “let no child be hungry this thanksgiving day,”
but what about all the other days?
words about “free thanksgiving lunch for the homeless,”
but what about the days before or after?
words about “thankful to be living in a free country,”
but what about those who don’t feel free?
words about “such a beautiful land we live in,”
but what about pollution, junkyards, climate change?

Or better yet, forget the turkey
turn away from the pumpkin pie
shun the shopping malls
tell old stories to the kids, and
honor your ancestors.