Half moon Sunday evening

Half moon Sunday evening


She’s up there behind the LA fog,

floating across a sea of sadness

as she gazes ruefully down upon

the pain and suffering imposed by

this world’s richest.


Grandmother moon looks on, and

perhaps weeps a bit, but then she

recalls the guillotines of Paris, the

hard fates of Mussolini, of Hitler, of

those without compassion.


My cousins and I look to the sky,

wishing, wishing to believe stories

about Grandmother’s dark side

peering into a future, seeing justice…

but she only looks, only sees.


The rest is up to us.


2 Responses to “Half moon Sunday evening”

  1. thegoodgrandma Says:

    So glad your words are here. They are precious to me.

  2. thegoodgrandma Says:

    All that cannot be undone. I hope there will be justice. Glad to read your words here and reflect on them.

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